Hack me contest of Trade247.Exchange

Why are you here?

It seems you or your web spider has visited this page either to hack me or purely out of curiosity or coincidence. Whatever is your intention, feel welcome.

The contest

You will get our kudos and a reward if you can provide proof of a successful hack into our website. You also need to show how the vulnerability was exploited and can be remedied or patched.


We do not pay bounty for the following situations a) DDOS or DRDOS b) Errors caused by high speed or intensive scans c) Vulnerabilities disclosed in the last 24 hours (we usually patch in 24 hours) d) Server signature (Cloudflare); software version identification (e.g. Bootstrap); Reading contents of robots.txt OR sitemap. If you wish to scan us officially; we would welcome you too. Please let us know if you wish us to whitelist your IP address and grant a prior written permission.

Good luck!

We love the concept of HackerOne and other bounty programs. Together we can get more secure. We regularly undertake vulnerability analysis and penetration testing. We also pay reward to find out our vulnerabilities and solutions. Permission to test vulnerability granted to Mr Akash.